I’m feeling a lot better than I did just a bit ago. I think I was being exaggeratory at certain points, but that’s the nature of mental states. I’ve done some thinking and some working, learned some lessons and had some interviews.

When I reflected on these past few weeks I had realized how many mistakes I made, but the difficulty of being okay with said actions was the most challenging part. I’ve grown from it though, and hit that point of just being okay with not always succeeding. Most people don’t get lucky in their lives, and if I don’t then I’m just one of many.

Looking at my resume and remembering that I’m only just now graduating and entering the adult workforce, I’ve realized how much of an advantage my past work experience has given me. I get a head start that’s almost unfair; for example, I had two job interviews in just this past week.

A shorter update this time, but leaving it on our sour note the other week was silly of me. I’m happy and starting to feel motivated again.

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