(December 2022 – Present)

MX is a passion project shared amongst Griffon Hanson and myself. This game will be our first as members of Quarter Rest. To get a sneak peak into the world of MX, feel free to check out the following zine created for the city in which it takes place.


The On-the-go Wizard’s Guide to the Vegetable and Real Estate Markets: A Veget-a-bullet Train Adventure

(February 2023)

tOtgWGttVaREM:aVTA is an educational simulation for the purpose of informing travelling wizards magically trapped aboard enchanted locomotives on the processes of growing and selling vegetabullets to potential and perhaps unwitting passersby. Created for the 2023 Global Game Jam.

This game jam was only 48 hours, and with that in mind I was extremely satisfied with our results. Utilizing our more advanced knowledge of Unity garnered through previous works as well as not being afraid to outsource with the Asset Store, creating something this quality in such a short time showcases the progress of me as well as the others with whom I worked. Griffon took a lead on programming systems for this project and I fell into more of the gameplay/design moments in regards to my programming.

Popper’s Combusteria

(August 2022)

Play as both firework maker and enthusiast! Help make fireworks for customers and unlock new stars/colors. A 2D firework making and show simulator. Made for Mini Jam 111 with the theme being colors and a restriction being you are your own enemy. Primarily focused on the firework show aspect while Griffon Hanson dove into the making side and Alex Ho took on the cleanup aspect. Allowed a dive further into particles from a programming standpoint.

Pet Mage

(January 2022 – March 2022)

A 2.5D puzzle game revolving around meeting friendly animals and helping them collect their favorite items to take them back to the real world for adoption. Made for an adoption shelter client with a team of four. As a project it focuses on short-term production, preplanning, and collaboration. Integrates 2D components within a 3D space with unique camera perspectives.


(November 2020 – June 2021)

A 3D Unity game designed around camera perspectives. The game has been officially released on Steam and can be downloaded below! Some of the key takeaways from this project were level design, multiplayer leaderboards utilizing Microsoft Azure, and just general programming in C#. The game was a high school project between myself and Griffon Hanson. The music was created by me and can be found here.


(September 2020 – May 2021)

Residuum is a multi-platform factory building simulation. The project’s main goal was to learn about AR, and how to integrate both a desktop and simulated version. The game was a high school project between myself, Travis Martin, and Griffon Hanson. The music was created by me and can be found here.

So It Goes

(May 2021)

So It Goes is a simulation/interactive game in which the player loosely follows the events and story that the protagonist faces in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse-Five. It was made in collaboration between Griffon Hanson and myself. The music was created by me and can be found here.

(March 2019 – April 2019)

The Gallery was a school project created by Griffon HansonZander Gonzales, and myself. It is a one-room photo gallery featuring the works of Civil War photographer, Matthew Brady, and places you in a feeling of immediate post-war retrospective.