I just recently got back from a trip that practically will end up capping off my summer. While I still have about half of it left, now is the time for me to get back into prepping for college and looking forward. I’m slightly terrified, but in many ways this is what I’ve looked forward to for well over two years. Finally I’m out of high school, and finally I can start doing something new and exciting. The buzz is coming back, and the desire to create something new is starting to fester. While I’m using the rest of this summer still to finish up playing through a couple of games (I’ll attach a document of the current status for archival sake), I want to start working on some sort of solo project. Inspiration is difficult to come by, and while I’m dabbling into new niches I still feel as if I haven’t quite found what that might be.

Learning Japanese truly will be the most challenging and exciting thing I’ve done for a long time, and while that’s terrifying I’m quite excited to reap the rewards of exposing myself to different cultures. It’s unfortunate that there’s a negative aura surrounding learning about Japanese culture as you could be seen as simply an otaku or weeaboo who wants to move there for ulterior motives. While moving to Japan sounds wonderful, I simply think diversifying myself and being able to make connections to those in the second biggest video game market is probably a smart idea. This subject will require extra patience on my end, and I probably need to straighten myself up a bit.

While at the moment no projects have been started, I hope soon to be back on that boat. I’m feeling happy, motivated, and excited for the future. The fatigue of said excitement may come soon, but taking some time for myself here to think and plan for the future is something I’ve been happily awaiting. These posts should become more game oriented here soon, but for now enjoy my journal entries like I’m a sixth grade girl.

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