This is the first time I’ve tried a blog since I was probably about 10, and writing for others has never particularly been my strong suit. We’ll see where this goes. Regardless, I think this might be a fun little exercise to document some of the happenstances in my life and some of my plans for the future. It might be fun for the five people reading to learn a little bit about me and where I want to take myself in life. I feel it will act like a dev log for myself. Who knows.

Well, might as well try with an update and a little bit of building on who I am. Hi, I’m Ty Morrow, a guy who likes video games and creating things. This summer following graduation has been a great one, and it’s nice to get a break after suffering through COVID-19. It feels like forever since I’ve gotten to go out and eat or go out with friends. We’re recovering, though. The melodrama throughout the past year and a half has been plentiful, and I hate to say that I fell victim. Exaggeration and hyperbole is just a part of being young, I suppose. I’m a lucky guy in so many ways, and have met so many great people throughout my time in high school. Going back for a few moments near the end of spring truly revealed to me that I only cared for the people who I talked with outside of school, which was a revelation I should’ve made 4 years earlier. I’m happy where I stand today, and more than anything am excited to bring myself to a personal level where I feel I can put myself out into the world and create something that will leave an impact on others. Lofty ideals for a game programmer, obviously, but I suppose this is my medium to try and do so.

Thanks to Griffon for helping me set this up. (He’s always been far more involved with tech stuff than me, so it’s like having a personal tutor. Nice!) I’m not sure how often I would like to update this or how long each post will be, but it might be fun to vent or to help type out some of my ideas. Who knows, maybe when I’m working in Japan and become a microcelebrity rather than a submicrocelebrity I can look back at my humble beginnings. Feel free to reach out in any of my posts, I’ve got an open line and ear.

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