One month can be a fairly significant amount of time, and I’m glad I finally feel like that again. Things are leaning towards normalcy and I’m all the better for it. I miss home at times, with the houses themselves as well as 377 and all it’s troubles. Big news to break as well, I’m currently working on a new project! While we’re in the fundamental stages I am incredibly excited about what this may result in.

Without going too into detail, the game is a top-down 2D shooter (Hotline Miami adjacent) inspired heavily by Cowboy Bebop. The feel of the show is incredible, and was a heavy influence on what we’d like this game to hold. For the first time I’ve been presented with the opportunity to take some creative liberty with the product, and that’s incredibly exciting. This is the first step to the dream of making a game that reflects what I would like to present and create in my lifetime.

Unfortunately, creative differences and a difficulty of control pops up when working with others. I, just like many of my peers, am someone who likes to take the reigns and make something myself, or at least finish a major portion of stuff. While being a team player, at times it can be challenging to remain as such. The primary concern lies too with the fact that this is a passion project, not an assignment or job. I simply do not have the time to put my whole heart into it yet. I feel a slight reinvigoration and excitement to continue onwards, but it will require discipline that I need to remind myself of. This product is something I want to work with my friends on, and overcoming challenges is something that’s natural. These difficulties will only stand until we surpass and remove them.

Being too reflective can be detrimental, as I feel that I often find myself at a repetition of ideas. I simply need to be making changes that better myself and those around me. I’m excited to see what the future holds, but buckling down now and working on this project is very exciting. I need to make time, otherwise I will lose desire to continue working. I’m going to leave this post with my favorite song from the Bebop OST, or at least one of the tunes that I find most fascinating, alongside the one that makes my head bop like no other. One day I’ll figure out how to end these off, but we’ll just stick with a see you soon.

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