My world has shifted quite a bit in the past few months. From a new apartment to looking beyond, it seems that life is moving full speed ahead. Oftentimes I have found myself getting frustrated or stuck recently, upset by limitations that I set on myself and the decisions I make. That, though, is a natural part of living I have had to relinquish concern over.

Since the last post I have only made one game, that being a recent one in the Global Game Jam entitled The On-the-go Wizard’s Guide to the Vegetable and Real Estate Markets: A Veget-a-bullet Train Adventure, a title that is as silly as it sounds. Working with a team that knew the ropes and had ideas in mind from the get go made the process so much fun, and relit a spark that was starting to dwindle. Not getting to see the rewards of your work can be difficult, and being more aware of that will continue to guide me in my future.

Project Space Game, a long forgotten relic of our past, reared a head these past months with a vengeance. Being that my friends and I have been so heavily into cyberpunk theming and the world around it (especially the TTRPG), we have begun the development cycle of something that utilizes the bones of PSG‘s carcass. We’re very excited, being especially that this is a passion project and we have more experience.

Aside from that, though, maybe I can try to leave a little advice and insight from a 20 year old dummy. Take the first step. Waiting around will get you nowhere in life. Use what you’ve learned through living in all aspects and put them to use in whatever pursuits you may have. I often sit, lazy, wishing I could do more. The few times I get off of my rear and start putting forth effort are the times in which I feel happiest. Life is about living, so live and work on something that fulfills you.

Oh, and a picture for fun

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